Monday, May 01, 2017

Auckland Design is Neither Smart or Expansive

Two-Step Design.

The predominant schools of urban design - Smart or Expansive - are simple affordable modes of development that are used to grow cities across the world.   These are essentially both 2 step processes, that spend public funds:

Smart Design: private intensive growth exploits direct public subsidies.
Step 1 - spend less money on sprawl, which makes land costs escalate.
Step 2 - use the public money saved to subsidise upward growth of the city centre, mitigating the high land costs.

Expansive Design: private intensive growth exploits the indirectly subsidised lower land costs. 
Step A - spend more public money on subsidising sprawl to lower the cost of land.
Step B - eliminate planning restrictions from the central city and the low land costs make intensive development profitable.

Auckland does neither Smart nor Expansive Growth.   Auckland does the opposite of both systems. 


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