Saturday, June 18, 2016

Living with Len & Pen - Sprawland Auckland

Auckland Region is commencing an era of record breaking sprawl.  Expensive, wasteful, polluting, value destroying sprawl is being foisted upon Auckland by our council, 

Never in a 100 years did anyone expect Warkworth to triple in size - we are making it happen in 30 years.

We didn't expect Kumeu to quadruple in size before next century - our  council will make it happen before 2050. 

Silverdale is to double in size, Pukekohe is to grow 100%, Clarks Beach is to increase by 120%, Kingseat is to increase by 90%, Helensville is to spawl 20%.

Auckland meanwhile is to be restricted to 9%. 

Taken as a whole an additional 25% of urban area is to be added to the Auckland region.

If we did not follow the plans of this Lenny Penny council, if we didn't have their environmentally destructive RUB, Auckland would spread outwards by a mere 20%. 


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