Monday, April 04, 2016

How Awful must the RUB be to "Work"?

The PAUP with it's RUB is Auckland Council's plan to create an abnormally large sprawl growth over the next 30 years.  Auckland City as a modern city of 1.5 million people cannot sustain a sprawl rate of much more than 30% by normal means.  This is not nearly enough destruction of rural Auckland or creation low density car-centric sprawl to satisfy Auckland Council.  The PAUP is to create pattern of 40% sprawl development. 

So the Council drew the RUB very tight to Auckland and very loosely around the exurbs.  This makes the cost benefit case more favourable to exurbia by making the city cost more.  The RUB creates massive exurban growth at a very high cost. 

To achieve its exurban goals the Auckland Council needs to convince people to want to build in exurbs, which people generally are opposed to do.  This means an increase in land cost in Auckland City.  Within the context of normal urban growth, allocating 70% of new building (280,000 homes before 2040 at $350,000 additional cost) within existing city means a total of $98billion.

Auckland Council has imposed an $100billion barrier against urbanisation and in favour of sprawl.  . 


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