Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Skeptics - An Appeal

All climate change deniers pay attention, you are fast becoming the “dilettante intelligensia” of our time, the useless twits who let the Commies takeover Russia. You are basically all bright, intelligent people who are able to engage in a scientific debate about climate change. You might even be right*, but even if you are it doesn’t matter as scientific argument always takes place outside of the public sphere. Scientific debate is too esoteric and complicated to sway the electorate. The electorate has already taken flight from climate change, judging by the $millions more in tax we are about to be charged the electorate is freakin airborne. Its too late, give it up.

The time has come to fight the socialist model of greenery, in the way such policy is always fought. We offer low taxes, small government approach and they propose a world holding hands, bureaucratic montrosity that relies on everyone singing in harmony to work. All we have to do is put in a carbon consumption tax that is 5x higher than any ETS costed surcharge and we are by 5x the most enviromentally friendly nation on the face of the planet. Obviously to pay for this ambition to be incredibly green (and maximise its effectiveness) we will have to eliminate income and company taxes, slash&burn social spending, sell all our schools & hospitals and institute a new era of small government.

If we do not confront this effectively we risk losing out to a dawning era of global socialist government.

* obviously not on this planet, but in some alternate universe.


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