Thursday, November 27, 2008

And now for something completely different...

Climate Change

The Kyoto Protocol, Emission Trading, "Green" politicians - these are key players in the fight against global warming and are all hopelessly wrong in their approach. They are unfair, unworkable and ineffective. Kyoto and all it accompanies is bull shit.

I do believe that climate change is a clear danger to the planet, a serious issue that deserves a serious response. Skeptics exist, but I do not understand how they can be so blase about how mankind is polluting the very air we breathe. Skeptics however are not the problem, they are bystanders. I think that much of the skepticism is derived not from a strange deficiency to face facts, but rather from an entirely understandable resistance to the bull shit approach used to "tackle" climate change.
I advocate a reduction in government to induce a reduction in GHG emissions. The final response is as yet unkown and will require massive societal change even to find. Our states are currently carbon unsustainable, they need to be pared back and resources allowed to be allocated efficiently. We the people need less interference, so that someone amoung us can find the solution. We need the cimate change solution to be compatible with human nature - encompassing economic growth, greed, ambition, safety and fairness.
GHG emissions are on the rise and we need to reduce them on a worldwide basis. This is the War that must be Won.

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At 28/3/09 7:22 PM , Anonymous Mark said...

I haven't been to your site for a while but there is no hard correlation between the earth's temparture and carbons emmisions, but there is an almost one for one with the Sun.

Are you suggesting that we should blow up the Sun to stop tempartures rising (which for the last ten years they haven't) and the most richy populated part of the planet is around the equator (the hotest part of the planet.

But me being a skeptic you will not bother answer this and the fact climate science is based on the idea yout take any two points in data and then assume this affect will continue and claim disaster for the planet.

For that you have as much crendence as a finance company director in NZ who claims because between point A and B growth was this much so in 20 years if you invest in our company you will end up rich.


At 3/4/09 4:34 PM , Blogger unaha-closp said...


I haven't been to my site for a long while either. November, crap I better write something soon.

For what it is worth I am convinced enough by IPCC data to believe that changing the composition of the atmosphere does affect climate. Your point about solar output producing rise/fall global temperature is correct and the sun is a much greater driver to climate change than our changes to the atmosphere, BUT we cannot affect the sun. We can modify the atmosphere, we are modifying the atmosphere. The solution to human driven climate changes is to minimise the rate of our modification, it seems sensible that we should make as little change to the planets atmosphere as we can, call me conservative in this regard.

And the best way to reduce emmissions is pretty much 180 degrees opposed what the Greens propose. The Greens offer a command economy structure (Emmisson Capping) to reduce carbon emmissions that would disregard or retard economic growth and rejects market efficiency. They do this because they are socialists and believe that forcing people to act as directed by the Greens is the only possible out. In fact the solution is to tax carbon footprints with a VAT that is rebateable at the border and to have much lower income/company taxes. This will free up capital to invest in the goods & technologies which are carbon neutral that appeal to people.


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