Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Just had a discussion regarding the aims and motivations of Islamic terrorists. And it ended on public relations pap of the terrorists and the Saudi government. The pap in this case suggests that a target of the Al Qaeda movement is the removal of the Saudi government and the other had coupled it to the American/Western BS whine of "why do they hate us?". In combination these make it appear that Al Qaeda might have an objective of attacking the West to disrupt the economy and weaken the Western support for the Sauds.

Taken separately the memes can be dismissed.

a) The jihad has attacked New Yorkers, Londoners, Spaniards, Thai rubber tappers, Shia Arabs, Russians, the Fur, foreign workers in Saudi, Aussies in Bali, Kurds, Harza in Afghanistan, Jews, Chinese, Persians, Ethiopians, Egyptian Copts and I am sure I have missed some others. There is no targeting of the West.

b) There has been only one attack in the past decade upon a member of the House of Saud and there are thousands of these pricelings. Even that attack relies upon evidence provided the utterly corrupt Saudi police.

And taken together, how anyone can believe such is beyond me. How would you destroy the House of Saud and the Western economy if you were an armed Arab group with thousands of committed fighters and were expert in committing coordinated bombing campaigns? If only there were some vital commodity crucial to the success of both that could be disrupted by a coordinated bombing campaign and was easily accessible to the majority of your fighters - hint: Oil. Oil production in Saudi has not been touched when Jihadi Saudis are going by the hundreds to Iraqi martyrdom.

There is no rebellion against the House of Saud.

Al Qaeda/Salafists are a supremacist group of Sunni Muslims that consider all other races and creeds inferior to Sunni Islam. They seek to use terrorism to cull the Sunni Muslim population away from the rest of the world, by blowing a few of everybody else up and raising antagonism against the Sunni Muslims. They attack targets that are non-Sunni Muslim, that are considered inferior.


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