Friday, June 02, 2006

Islam and the Left

There is a synergy between Western Left wing parties and Islamic immigrants. It is really simple - poor people who consume lots of welfare like parties that provide lots of welfare. Parties like to have people vote for them. Very, very simple.

Conversely and somewhat counter-intuitively the only way to break the Islamic/left alliance is to get Islamists to vote for conservatives. Excentuating respect for traditional values and the womens place in the home should be able to convince one or two immams to campaign from the pulpit.


At 14/6/06 5:04 PM , Blogger Warren said...

That might work for Muslims that have assimilated but quite honestly, the rest are going to vote for whoever their mullah tells them to or play into the racial politics game.

The left has that market cornered.

I see you have comment moderation up. I had to do the same thing today. Maybe I'll switch over to Holoscan comments. We seem to be right in the middle of a blog war.


PS I need to get you blogrolled

At 6/9/06 4:00 PM , Blogger Elmer's Brother said...

now that would be a trick to get Imams to campaign for conservative values.


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