Saturday, November 19, 2005

Clash of Civilisations

We exist in a Pragmatic/Capitalist society that dominates the globe. It is based on a lack of specific ideals, whereby advantage is secured for the sake of having advantage. Profit is the motivation we have it drives us to excel and to capture our rewards in this world.

Democracy, freedom, equality, natural law are not inherent in our culture, they just happen to be the frameworks we use to make money and improve ourselves. If Fascism or Communism had been better able to turn a profit and make improvements we would be following them right now; or maybe looking on in wonderment at the flying cars, super weapon lasers and 3D TVs they have over in Moscow and hoping they don't invade us any time soon. ;-)

The purist Islamic alternative (as suggested by wahhabism, Al Qaeda, Jemat Islamia, Muslim Brotherhood, et al.) is that we must submit ourselves to the will of Allah. Follow the ideals of the Koran. That reward in this world is of less importance than reward in the next.

Islamic Sharia (Allah's Law) is a higher ideal, it is in competition with pragmatic capitalism for domination of the world. It will lose after the oil runs out. Until the oil runs out it may be problematic.

Islamic practice constrains capitalism and advancement to the ideals of Allah. It limits itself and cannot compete in generating the wealth necessary to fight a war against unfettered capitalism. However it does not need to, it is blessed with oil wealth. Oil wealth is the blessing from Allah that allows Sharia to compete. Not enough to win, because it still requires a flourishing Capitalist Society to make the oil worth anything, but enough to cause problems.

H/T: Liberty & Culture and The Dougout for pointing out we live in a pragmatic world.


At 26/11/05 5:09 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are winning, Angus . . . but this will be a long engagement -- and Bush told us that at the outset. If we do not stay the course, the long term consequences will be severe, indeed.

Semper Fi


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