Sunday, September 11, 2005

Anti-American Me?

I was brought up on the notion that certain things are important because they are important - freedom, rule of law, liberty, respect for property, free speech and democracy - that these ideas formed the basis of Western Philosophy. I was wrong - they are all secondary. What matters is making money. All those ideals just happen to coincide with the easiest way of making money - "selling stuff to other people who are free to buy it". Western Society has money as its godhead and God is secondary, the West is driven by greed and growth.

The Saudi Kingdom sits atop of the worlds best oil reserves. The Sauds have as close to unlimited cash as it is possible to get, are very close to our godhead.

The Saudis can preach hatred of foreigners and fund Al Qaeda attacks with complete impunity just as long as it continues to spend copious amounts of money on American munitions and use British fund managers. Buying protection and respectability among nations is traditional - the Swiss hid Nazi gold, Saddam bought the French (unfortunately for him they are only French) - and the Saudis have bought the best. Sure the Sauds do spend some trifling amount by way of Muslim charity in madrassa and to imams, and yes they do promote a bit of hatred but it is only in such a half arsed way that we cannot really be too afraid. Compare this to the trillions in investment and sales receipts and kickbacks.

I shall now climb upon a high and moral horse. Protecting slime ball little dictators who are playing at global terrorism is pathetic, America deserves to lose. It must stop now so that future generations will be free to live without fear of terrorist attack.

But I dislike horse riding, so try to work out a money making compromise. And I can't, the loss in life to terrorism is too small and minor to justify destroying the House of Saud and all its wealth.


At 5/11/05 11:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also wish America would support Saudi Arabia less. I can understand your sentiments. Sometimes I think it is a pity all political entities around the world can't all lose. Just something to think about. If the US were to withdraw all support from the Saudi government right now, we would likely end up with something even worse in Saudi Arabia than we currently have. We are trying to promote Democracy in the middle east in hopes of lessening the control of these despots. Another option is to support secular dictators who will restrain the Islamic Extremists. If America loses the Islamic Extremists will likely only grow stronger and the world will be less safe from terrorists.


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