Saturday, December 31, 2005

Mental Exercise

There is a whole lot of bashing of Left and Right, a candle bearer for each side may say of the other "they foster hate, encourage others to hate us and side against us". The simple truth is that it doesn't matter. It is just people shouting at each other, free debate in a free society. Neither side is killing the other - no foul, no problem. The key point is that it is free in every sense of the word.

There is whole lot of angst generated, maybe even a real sense belief that your ideals are superior to the other side. So as mental exercise I want you to take that self belief way further.
  1. I want you to figure a solution to rid the world of blathering Moonbats or wingnut Fascists (whatever is your thing), cause them to run away back to where they came from. I want you to do this using all means - putting your morals aside - assuming the end will justify the means.
  2. I want you to figure a cost in dollar terms to your solution.

You have now probably arrived at a large figure*.

All acts of conflict cost lots and lots. They require logistics, strategists and able people to implement. None of this comes cheap.

The terrorism we have witnessed costs a fortune, many times over. It is a plan (like that of your own) carried out by truly ruthless people. But however ruthless they are, however much hate they possess the cost does not go away. Without a fortune to spend they are people who do not like us, with the fortune they kill us. Therefore the solution to terrorism is relatively simple.

* If your figure is less large please check again. If it remains less large please consider carefully your next action, as you have a plan that may change the world.


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