Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Need for Serious Action

This is what gets me most of all.

We do not treat this as a serious enemy. Partly because they have not proven to be a serious threat (more on that soon) and a few thousands dead is not a problem. We are waiting for them to get their act together and kill a few million of us.

I have every confidence that given enough time they will improve their effectiveness. They are after all human - inventive, intelligent and driven - so have the capability of doing whatever humans can do.

At the moment we treat their attacks as annoyances. As if they are deficient people in need of counseling and support - that if they just have all the options put before them they will choose the best one (the choice of peace & profits). Unfortunately they are backed by people you have found a nirvana of profitability that relies upon them crushing rebellion and making war. These people profit from Islam - from the Saudi sheikh & Iranian mullah who use a false ummah to protect them from their subjects to every husband who treats his wife as a possession. They gain nothing from acting to choose peace and so will not choose it willingly.

To make the counseling work and produce a peaceful society requires closing off certain options. Kick out the profitability of their position by imposing costs for their unhelpful actions. Islam can be a "religion of peace" it just needs clear external cost imposed on those who do profit in diverting it from peace.

Or we can do what we do and wait for the megadeath and have a genocidal clash of cultures.

Hat Tip to Pastorius at IBA - Vlad the Impaler part ii


At 28/12/05 10:13 PM , Blogger Elmer's Brother said...

Appeasement, PCorrectness and mulitcultural moral equivalents. I pray hard for my children.


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