Friday, April 27, 2007

Banned from JihadWatch

Old post been cogitating about for a while.

I am banned from Jihad Watch, by Hugh Fitzgerald then of JW - he has since moved. Basically for inferring that the Israellis adopted a clear earth policy to the Palestinian territories back in 1947-48. This hacks me off no end, because later I learned that Hugh Fitzgerald (the very same) is advocating a cleared earth policy in the Palestinian territories.

I expect he does deny the original expulsion on the basis that he wants the heroes of early Israel to conform to a highly "moral" standing, but at the same time he denies the possibility that the same heroes were as capable as he. This is freaking massive hubris, he is hero worshipping people on the basis of them not being as committed as himself. People who actually fought for Israel are not (IMHO) less committed than policy wonks.

Further he is trying to reach a goal by abstract reasoning based on the mutual hostility of the Arab countries and Israel to conclude that they need to be seperated. This is an unnecessary abstraction, all that is needed is analysis of the success or otherwise of the expulsions carried out in 1947-48.


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