Monday, August 13, 2007


The Guardian: Comment is Free site has published this piece by Neil Clark making the case for keeping Iraqi civilians who worked for the British occupation out of the UK. Acknowledging that this will mean their deaths, but justifying them in terms of allowing the Iraqi resistance to undertake the 'healing process' of uniting the country through the blood of collaborators.

The real reason Neil Clark is in favour of their deaths is different, it is politically expedient for his alt-imperialist* ilk to have as many Iraqi die over there as possible. Throughout history empires in retreat advised by such men have sacrificed foreign races portraying lost lands as not worth having. Natives dying bloody deaths in their far away lands is an object lesson on the dangers of involvement, the necessity of withdrawl and the utter uncivilised nature of that race. Neil Clark is like all imperialists most comfortable when killing foreigners in foreign lands - a neo-imperialist will kill on the advance for his standing in the court and an alt-imperialist will kill on retreat scorching the earth to remind the court of his sage advice on withdrawl.

Neither neo-imperialist nor alt-imperialist likes to have the races that they are killing humanised. A neo-imperialist demonises the foreign race as uncivilised requiring attention and will ignore overtures of peace. An alt-imperialist will decry the foreign race as uncivilisable requiring avoidance and the last thing he needs is any unsightly exiles turning up or news of progress in that foreign land.

Neil Clark alt-imperialistic butcher.

* commonly found working in tandem with a neo-imperialist to rip some foreign Johnny apart by brute force.

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