Saturday, March 19, 2016

Lenny & Penny said the City is Sprawling

In the decade prior to 2008 Auckland added 20,000 plus apartments to its central areas, the start of a phase of intensification that looked set to continue.  Auckland had a growing amount of intensification and was reducing the proportion of outward expansive growth to the lowest ratio seen in a century.

Yet in the decade after 2008 we are due to have a mere 5000 additional apartments built in our central city.  Overall growth has slowed to a crawl, but is dominated by single dwelling sprawl.  We are predicting a housing shortfall lasting towards the middle of the century. 

This is all the result of a truly awful policy platform of the Council led by Len Brown and Penny Hulse.  The platform has destroyed intensification and created never before seen sprawl. We are now sprawling our development outwards in Warkworth, Orewa, Kumeu, Pukekohe and Pokeno.

Ironically, Lenny Penny got elected on the zeitgeist of the time - when intensification was booming and sprawl was slowing - they promised to intensify Auckland faster and slow sprawl to nothing.  Then they implemented policies that have stopped intensification dead and sprawled over far horizons .

Lenny Penny said the city was sprawling, it wasn't. 


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